The emotion of Carla Bruni during Nicolas Sarkozy’s speech after his defeat

Entertainment 22 November, 2016

Late in the evening of Sunday, the results of the first round of Primaries of the right and center announced the crushing defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy. His wife, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy was as moved as he was.

carla-bruni-sarkozyAs much Nicolas Sarkozy has always claimed to be right , as Carla Bruni has never hidden to be left, and that does not prevent her from supporting her husband throughout his term and his campaigns . So when he decided to return to politics by declaring primary candidate of the right, Carla Bruni has once again offered steadfast support for the former president. She who throughout his reign as First Lady took care to display a mine suitable for all circumstances, has this time resolved to show nothing. Leaving the headquarters of the candidate last night she posted a polite smile. Still, the emotion was palpable.
Of course, there is disappointment . That of drawing a line on a possible return to his role as First Lady, but especially that it shares with the father of her daughter Giulia. There is also the pain of seeing the other suffer , and it ensures accept defeat, Nicolas Sarkozy cash out a violent slap. But beyond that, there was yesterday for Carla while a mixture of feelings . First the joy of hearing her husband make him, well, more intimate moments extra family time, but also the pleasure embarrassed when he recognizes what he could make her endure: “I feel they have imposed many hardships to my wife and my children. ” apologized he he left the headquarters. And then, maybe, deep, relief mixed with guilt, to find his artistic freedom hitherto much censored.