The end of clash Booba vs. Patrice Quarteron, NLP back, Katy Perry maddening fans … The recap music of the week

Entertainment 21 January, 2017

Booba, NLP, Katy Perry, Lartiste, Justin Bieber … Again the week was rich for all those who love music. It’s already the time of the recap!
A busy week that ends! Whether it is in France or abroad, our favorite artists have managed to get our attention these last seven days in teasant of their return, meeting or sometimes also by clashant … Besides, we will begin right After that: for several days, the fans followed with a frantic passion the clash that opposed Booba to Patrice Quarteron! Insults, muscled exchanges, threats … The two men did not seem to find any way out to calm the game between them! Except that Booba decided this week to simply stop responding to the provocations of the boxer. With a simple photo, Booba put KO … Once and for all? In a different delirious B2O confessed that he would not do against a featuring with PNL if the brothers are leaving to work with other artists. We, too, are really not against this idea!
Come on we give him a good-bye. This is the last time I will mention this individual. I am extremely disappointed to know it! Bye bye good luck for your fight against casper and that god guides you … just reactive the comments on your page that the pirates can let off steam be fair play. Farewell # yaceuxquifontvideos …
Precisely during this time, the brothers Ademo and NOS have teased their return on the social networks. A new project in sight in the next few days? With the message that NLP posted on his Twitter account – “it’s going to hurt so much …. #DLL” – heavy prepares for all fans of the duo. When you are told that they have already entered the legend … We can not wait to see them on stage and why not elsewhere Coachella in April 2017! If the end of the Kids United was announced this week to the regret of fans of the group formed by young children, Jul has once again made the buzz on the canvas, but it is not his fault! Jul in Harry Potter, what’s that? We let you check for yourselves, it’s stupid but it’s also very funny.
US side, Katy Perry has finally tease her musical return to the delight of his fans . It was already announced that she was making a new clip (until today) and now it seems she has posted lyrics via her Twitter account. We will have the answer very quickly, but without a doubt his album is the most anticipated of 2017! Meanwhile, Justin Bieber could collaborate with DJ Khaled as the latter has made teasing as a pro on social networks. We cross fingers ! Finally, to finish the week in style, we offer you to read our exclusive interview with The artist who spoke to on her album Clandestino , auto-tune, tour and many other things. We adore him and he comes back to see us when he wants! That’s all for now, we wish you a great weekend. What has marked you this week?