The English face an epidemic of physical inactivity in adults

Health 27 August, 2017


Published the 27.08.2017 to 08: 45


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In England, the physical activity level of adults is cause for concern, according to the authorities who talk about an ” epidemic of inactivity “. Approximately six million English between the ages of 40 to 60 years old walk less than ten minutes in a row every month, says Public Health England (PHE). This represents 41 % of this age group and so many people put their health in danger.

This sedentary lifestyle exposes, in fact, individuals with an increased risk of developing diseases prematurely, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia and cancers.

Walking life-saving

As such, PHE is launching a health campaign, which is aimed primarily at this age group. Objective : walk ten minutes per day. The official agency encourages the English to do their errands on foot, for example, instead of taking their car. It calls for walks regularly after breakfast, in the goal of preparing for the rest of their life, ” many years in good health “.

The agency considers realistic the goal of a ten-minute walk per day, and estimated that the affected population in physical inactivity chronic be able to take ownership of such an objective.
It stresses, moreover, that the health effects of a daily walk are superior to those obtained by going to fitness clubs. These walks improve mental health, reduce body mass and decrease by 15 % the risk of premature death, she says.

Realistic goal

Furthermore, walking requires no special skills, unlike other forms of physical activity. In fact, the current recommendations advocate two and a half hours of physical exercise per week. However, the report from PHE shows that more than a quarter of the british population is “inactive” and is less than 30 minutes of activity per week. ”
For some people, 150 minutes may appear as an unrealistic goal, ” the report says. However, the recommendations are too ambitious have for consequence to miss their target.

The new campaign aims precisely to speak to these people, providing them with pragmatic advice and feasible. An application has been launched on the occasion of this campaign. Called ” Active 10 “, the application helps the users to achieve the goal of ten minutes of walking per day. General practitioners are invited to recommend to their patients.