The Exorcist: Episode 6, hunting and demon dark plot, our critique

Cinema 6 November, 2016

The Exorcist series is back after a break that seemed very long. This episode 6 is the first since the revelation about Angela and had much to do. It is successful or not?

fox-the-exorcist-revelation-regan-mcneilAnswer on this question: yes, episode 6 of The Exorcist is successful. After the revelation that Angela is actually Regan McNeil, the possessed girl in the film and the novel of the same name, the series of FOX took an unexpected turn . So there were a lot of expectations for this new adventure priests and Marcus Tomas and the Rance family. Now that the secret is out, everyone must adapt. Marcus wants to Angela him not disclosing this crucial information. Henry is angry against his wife for the lies that have lasted for years. Angela rancor for his mother who has just arrived home. In short, there is a lot of resentment. At the same time, it is normal for the revelation of the episode 5 of The Exorcist, you can read the review of melty , changes a lot. If the devil has attacked Casey, this is because Angela is Regan. What, then, really want the demons meet in Chicago? What is really the role of the character played by Geena Davis ? Will it be used for something during the visit of the Pope in future episodes?

These questions do not have answers yet. However, The Exorcist gives us something else. Demons are trying to organize, they plot in their corner. The elite of the city is overrun and even the clergy possessed. Everything goes through. Marcus, Father Bennett and Father Tomas may have unpleasant surprises in future episodes . They have no idea of the extent of evil that gnaws Chicago. In the end, the hassle of Rance family, with Casey owned and run, do nothing … Slowly but surely, the writers of the series explore their little universe. This is always done with talent and to terrify us . The return of the McNeil on center stage for once is one of their best ideas. There is something distressing to know that this happened years ago it was in fact the beginning of the plan of demons.

It remains to hope that the twist of the episode 5 of The Exorcist saves the series of possible cancellation. This new chapter proves in any case that it was not only a poor attempt to attract customers. The revelation of the true identity of Angela fits perfectly into the story suggested by the series of FOX, it serves the plot rather than a gadget . This time, we are very happy that it succeeded. And also, we are reassured. And eager to see the end of the season. It looks, especially with what happened in this episode 6, downright dark and creepy. What do you think of this episode of The Exorcist?