The Exorcist: Episode 7, in agony, our criticism

Cinema 13 November, 2016

The Exorcist comes dangerously close to the end of the season and in this episode 7, all the characters are almost in agony. Dark times are expected.
Can we save Casey? Marcus and Father Tomas can they help the young woman against the demon that possesses? That is the question that runs through this episode with a delicate melancholy. Despite the impromptu baptism that saved temporarily Casey at the end of episode 6 of The Exorcist, you can read the review of melty , worse. Not wanting to tempt the devil by reducing it to his parents that he finds Angela / Regan, Marcus takes the girl at Mother Bernadette, old exorcist. He really think she can help release it. But given the extent of damage to the possession, good sister advocated to help him die rather than continue to torture her. Marcus Casey suffers seeing in this state, he is in agony before his inability to help despite his efforts . It is not the only one poorly developed. Father Tomas is rapidly sinking. He does not know where to turn between this exorcism gone wrong, a bounded Marcus and his secret relationship with his lover. The priest eventually exploded in flight. For better, rest assured. Finally, it is hoped.
The writers of The Exorcist, which will have no additional episodes after its 10 episodes , offer us an episode with delicacy. They work with sensitivity to their characters show us their flaws, to show them the path to follow. The authors of the series here reap the fruit of their work of craftsmanship since the beginning of the show. While almost led to this moment in this episode. Whether Marcus, Angela Tomas or they touch the bottom and suffer like never before. The actors are very good and Geena Davis is excellent in the scene of the bathroom. In fact, it is even very good in this whole episode. His interpretation of a lost mother prey to his own fears is intense. It touches. So The series continues to deliver strong episodes that and it’s almost a shame to know that there will be no season 2 because The Exorcist is a series of quality.

The desperate exorcism of Casey’s not over after all. The arrival of the Sisters Angela could change everything, the series progresses by leaps and bounds with the plot of the evil plot . Father Bennett manages to connect the demons and organization owned by The Friars of Ascension. The tension escalates and we look forward to see what will happen to this plot by the end of the season and the series. Especially since the Pope’s arrival in Chicago is near. The Exorcist so we book again and like every week moreover, an intense and successful episode. It takes a special flavor when you know you are approaching a final end of the series. We really hope that the fighting Marcus and Father Tomas find a positive outcome . Casey and all the Rance family deserve to have a happy ending after the horrible times they have just experienced. How did you find this new episode of The Exorcist?