The Exorcist: Episode 7, the promo video and the synopsis revealed!

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Next week, FOX will broadcast the episode 7 of The Exorcist, which is revealed through its synopsis and promo video!

the-exorcist-video-promo-trailer-saison-1No mere possession! After a short break in his broadcast, FOX aired this week episode 6 of The Exorcist, in which we offered you our criticism . A more introspective aspect that allowed us to discover more about the past of Angela and especially on the hardships she had to go through following his possession. As a result, the American chain unveiled the first promo video of “Chapter Seven: Father of Lies” . As we discover what happens to Casey becomes public, causing hysteria of the population. In fact, the Rance family faces hateful protesters. For his part, Casey was held captive for a new exorcism and as Marcus said, his case “is not a simple possession is a hand” . Also, for his part, Father Bennett seems to be in great danger.

To learn more about this episode, the synopsis comes and informs us that “The family Rance begins to disintegrate as the days without any sign of their missing daughter. Marcus calls using Mother Bernadette to help with his latest problem, while father Tomas finds himself trapped in a web of lies after the news on the possession of Casey becomes public. Finally, investigations of father Bennett, the mysterious company Tattersal the directly endanger ” . Recently, we wondered if the twist of the episode 5 of The Exorcist could save the series. What do you expect from the sequel to The Exorcist?