The Exorcist: Episode 8, Angela Casey exorcises in the promo video and synopsis

Cinema 13 November, 2016

Next week, FOX will broadcast the episode 8 of The Exorcist, which is revealed through its synopsis and first promo video!
The love of a mother! This week, the US network FOX aired the episode 7 of The Exorcist, for which we offer our criticism . Again episode captivated us either by the scenes of possession Casey, or the events surrounding Angela. Now place following and it will be with “Chapter Eight: The Griefbearers” which unfolds via a first promo video. As we see, the Rance family will find Casey, but the abominable image of the girl could be divided as never before . we see that Angela will participate in a new attempt at exorcism and especially that it will end up facing the devil plunging into his past. Finally, the police seem to be looking for those having after the Pope and someone should find surprising. The episode promises once again loaded with twists and horror.
To learn more about this next phase, the synopsis is available and informs us that “While Marcus, Tomas Mother Bernadette and play against the clock to defeat the demon, family Rance finds himself in the midst of conflict. With the visit Pope only planned in a few days, the church’s enemies commit new acts of aggression. Finally, Angela confronts a familiar face from his past, while Kat sees a new future for her . ” The denouement of the story seems near and reason since The Exorcist will not live more than 10 episodes originally ordered . Indeed, despite its many qualities, the series has not captivated the American public, offering audiences well below the expectations of the chain . What do you expect from the next episode of The Exorcist?