The Exorcist: Episode 8, the ultimate exorcism and a big twist, our criticism

Cinema 20 November, 2016

Like Mother like daughter. The Exorcist offers us a new exorcism in his episode 8 and this is the hardest, the most violent for Casey and priests.

fox-the-exorcist-twist-revelation-exorcismeNothing is ever really finished . After the sensational arrival of Angela in the nuns to see his daughter Casey in episode 7 of The Exorcist, which is critical to read melty , the series offers us a new exorcism. It is much more compelling and emotional than the last. Why ? Because we finally know for the devil has attacked Casey. He wants to torture Angela, he wants it. Fortunately Marcus, and Father Tomas Mother Bernadette have not said their last word. The trio of exorcists is continuing its battle to try to save the girl. And there is work to do. The demon wakes up and says its grip, exhilarated by the presence of Regan / Angela. In addition to hurt his daughter, he torture his mother by making him relive his past, his own possession. The unhealthy relationship between Angela and the Salesman is at its worst in this episode 8. It is difficult not to feel disgust at what the series offers us. As for the revelation, Geena Davis is at its best and it still delivers a great performance and it gives body and soul.
The Exorcist, which does not go further than its initial order , we offer a concluding episode on ownership of Casey. In an intense scene, enhanced by a beautiful music, Marcus, Tomas Mother Bernadette and manage, with a new prayer to free the girl from the clutches of the devil. Is it really safe? Not so sure, especially the police must find a culprit for the murder ambulance. In anticipation, the Rance family is now pack up to flee. We have the right also to a touching scene between Henry and Kat on their future and it is nice to see that the writers do not forget the two characters that were a bit off recently. The series could have ended almost there with a happy ending . Casey is saved, and Marcus Tomas successful exorcism and the papal assassination attempt is discovered. Unfortunately, nothing is really over.
The last scene of the episode is chilling . The demon released from Casey, went to curl up in Angela. Regan is again owned and kills his mother, Chris McNeil, breaking his neck. The Tomas adultery is discovered, Marcus discovers that the conspiracy is not finished and Father Bennett was murdered. It remains to The Exorcist only two episodes before its conclusion and the situation is still dangerous and desperate … Our heroes will they manage to escape their predicament? Will they manage to stop the evil plan? We can start very strong cross fingers that this is the case but we can not help but think of doom. It will be fixed quickly with the tenth and final episode of the season that will air in 15 days. Are you shocked by the end of this new episode of The Exorcist?