The Exorcist: The series does not go beyond its initial 10 episodes

Cinema 6 November, 2016

Bad news for fans of The Exorcist: the series will not go beyond its 10 episodes! They tell you everything.

the-exorcist-saison-1-episode-7-episode-6On September 23, the FOX launched The Exorcist, pulled the film series of the same name, a true classic in the history of horror movies. Still highly anticipated by fans of the genre, the series – which airs on Friday night across the Atlantic – has not had the expected success. It must be said that this is a genre that is not appreciated by everyone, in addition to being offered in a difficult time slot . Anyway, in episode 5 aired it two weeks ago, a huge twist occurred, the binder film and the show. Friday night, episode 6 of The Exorcist which our critic is available was broadcast on FOX and the second half of the season seems well and truly underway. Unfortunately, fans of the series are going to enjoy the next episodes.

Indeed, the first season of The Exorcist will be composed of only ten episodes only. This is the initial order of FOX and given the scores achieved by the show, the chain has decided not to order for more episodes. That leaves four episodes will air every Friday until December 2 . Besides, next Friday will air the episode 7 of The Exorcist whose synopsis and promo video is available on melty! What do you expect next?