The Expanse season 2: Release date, trailer, first spoilers, what we already know about the rest!

Cinema 18 November, 2016

Series SF The Expanse arrived on Netflix and it’s time, after heavy binge-watching to learn about season 2 for a trailer, a return date and spoilers.

syfy-the-expanse-netflix-saison-1-saisonBefore arriving in less than a month from Star Wars: Rogue One, the Japanese trailer unveiled new images that will fill your cravings space opera, throw yourself now on the first season of The Expanse . This series of SyFy US, landed home on Netflix, worth more than a glance. We had not seen from space opera as ambitious and as good since the end of Battlestar Galactica , the last few years. So you can savor the faster the platform and lucky you things, you will not have much time to wait to see season 2! The American channel SyFy has unveiled the release date of 13 episodes. It will therefore wait until Wednesday, February 8, 2017 to enjoy following the adventures of our heroes caught in a vicious circle . The solar system is about to implode and war is not far. There is even a new trailer, all beautiful, brand new, to prove it. Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt are willing to kill. We can only advise you to enjoy the first images of the future season 2.
As seen in the trailer, the new episodes of The Expanse will take us to Mars and introduce ourselves one of the leading characters of the eponymous novel by James SA Corey . On 8 February the Martian Bobbie Draper, here played by Frankie Adams, may become our new favorite character. For the creators of the series, it will offer a unique perspective from the red planet, which was absent from the first season . For the authors of the literary saga, season 2 of the series will play a leading role in March especially now that the war is about to burst. If they do not want to reveal much, the writers promise with 13 episodes to finish adapting the first novel and attack the second, titled “Caliban’s War” or “War of Caliban” in French.
The end of season 1 is huge and has finally allowed Miller to find Julie Mao. But according to the writers, it may well be that we have not seen the end of the young woman. Maybe not seen the last somewhat bizarre events of the last episode of season 1. The Expanse, described as “Battlestar Galactica encounter Game of Thrones” by trailer promises in any case make us want to have your head in the star in 2017 . by then, we can only advise you to review again the season 1, just to be up to date when the next episodes will land. Until this season 2, you can also watch on Netflix episodes of Designated Survivor whose criticism of episode 7 is to read about melty . Ready for a journey into the magical space with season 2 of the Expanse?