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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


A year ago, during the show Baba Noel, great entertainment diffuséesur C8, Cyril Hanouna offered a home to a mother and her three children.A gift that has made envious, the young mother had to file a complaint after death threats.

It was a year ago. Cyril Hanouna had offered a home to Celine and her three children in the suburbs of Melun, in Seine-et-Marne during the emission Baba Noel, the great entertainment that aired on C8. A very beautiful mansion which had been the joy of the whole family. Stone house was paid 300 000 euros for the purchase of land and construction of the house. H2O Productions, the production company of Cyril Hanouna, then had disbursed no less than 100 000 euros for the furniture of the house.

“I thought that Cyril Hanouna was fucked up of me. In fact, it has changed our lives. Now my boys each have their own room. I can let them play football in the garden. I know that if it happens to me something, they will always be in the shelter, ” confided the young mother very happy in the columns of the Parisian.

A pretty fairy tale, tarnished, unfortunately, by some envious. “The production I was warned that it was going to be jealous. For several months, my children have been insulted on Twitter, ” says Céline. The young mum added : “I have a complaint for harassment because I received death threats “. But, despite these few troubles, Celine and her three young boys have no regrets. “After I don’t care, we are happy” gliding the young mother.

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