The fan-film on Futurama is a disruptive chouia

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Tease 6 months ago via a trailer perché, the live-film of Futurama has finally landed on YouTube. And that’s – how to say – enough chelou …
If you did not your fan film before 3 seasons or 3 episodes saga is that you got your story missed . It is therefore with a certain logic that the Futurama active fanbase has started to create their own short film about the work of geek Matt Groening . And unlike Simpson, the other baby’s creator, who arrived on the big screen in the original animated version, the crew of Fan-O-Rama , has opted for a live-action. That is to say that real actors hide behind Fry and his band. I will not lie to you: I who have always fantasized about Leela, strangely, it makes me less effect after having matched this short film YouTube malayant (available with French subtitles).