The father of Adeline Blondieau reacts after the death of Johnny Hallyday : “We got upset because I have very bad accepted the marriage” – Gala

Entertainment 6 December, 2017

Johnny Hallyday

On RTL, Christian Blondieau, the father of Adeline Blondieau, who has been married twice-to Johnny Hallyday, reacts to the death of the singer.

Among the many reactions of the close relatives on the death of Johnny Hallyday at 74 years of age, there are, obviously, his children, David and Laura, her friends, singers, and some of his ex-women such as Sylvie Vartan and Nathalie Baye. If, for the moment, Adeline Blondieau who has been married two times, the singer responded discretely on Facebook by changing his profile photo, his father Christian Blondieau, a longtime friend of Johnny, before you get angry with him, spoke at the microphone of RTL.

The lyricist Johnny visibly touched, says his amazement : “I thought not, an entire generation is falling, this is the wonderful time. Johnny in the beginning it was easy because I had the happiness to be his best buddy, I was always with him, he had seen that I could write for kindness certainly… It was the leader of a generation, and this generation no longer has a great leader. It is the end of a society…”.

Christian Blondieau remembers Johnny the friend, the loyal buddy, before explaining why he is angry with him : “thirty years of friendship, these two young fools in the 60s with the rock ‘n’ roll, two best buddies as there is rarely, everyone was there for the other, it has lasted 30 years and then after you got upset because I have very bad accepted the marriage with my daughter (Adeline) “.

Even if they were angry, Christian Blondieau pays tribute to his old friend. The question of the journalist of RTL who asked what memories he will keep of Johnny Hallyday, Long Chris replied, paying tribute to the singer : “courage, go-getter, you have done so great. There is still an immense amount of work that he has done very seriously and that has made him the huge superstar “.

Johnny Hallyday, Adeline Blondieau

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