The films we want to see adapted in TV series on the field!

Cinema 19 January, 2017

These feature films have enough material for showrunners to do enormous things on a small screen.
When it comes to adapting movies to the TV series format, there’s something to drink and eat right now. You can come across gems like “Fargo” and the infamous stuff like “Rush Hour” . While networks and showrunners could limit the risks by grabbing those movies and sagas that have enough potential to develop several interesting narrative arcs.
“Men in Black”
A sort of ” X-Files” a little more edgy and funny, which would follow the investigations of agents J and K to stop the alien on Earth. The biggest challenge of this adaptation: find a duo as brilliant as that formed by Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.
We talk about it with insistence on the side of Netflix to join the team of the Defenders (Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and soon Iron Fist). The Diurnambule has a background and a bressom personality that could blend perfectly into a TV series.
“Judge Dredd”
In a post-apocalyptic futuristic world, Judge Dredd is at the same time a policeman, judge and executioner. Until the day when he is himself accused of murder and is on the run. Not bad as starting point of a series, whose destroy universe will have to be very loyal.
“Django Unchained”
The series could logically begin where Django was left, that is to say free and in the company of his wife Broomhilda. Will the couple settle in a creepy farmhouse, even if it attracts the racist bursts of the neighborhood, or will Django resume his life as a bounty hunter? Perso, we would rather look for the 2nd option.
“Mulholland Drive”
Originally, David Lynch’s film was the pilot of a series, finally retaken by the TV professionals. 16 years later, and while “Twin Peaks” returns to our screens, it might be time to explain where it wanted to go “Mulholland Drive” nan?
Again, a post-apocalyptic world, divided into five factions: Bold, Scholars, Altruists, Sincere and Fraternal. So many groups, struggles, survivors, which can lead to different stories.
“Total Recall”
Dream or reality? That would be the subject of an adaptation of “Total Recall” (already an adaptation of the novel by Philip K. Dick), with Douglas Quaid who struggles with his memory amid a disturbing Mars and conducive to all Visual delusions.
A real good sci-fi film in which the mafia sends embarrassing witnesses in the past so they’ll be run by “Loopers” . The series could come back a bit and explain the time travel, how the mafia had access to this type of technology, coughed coughed . In short, big headaches in perspective.
“28 days later”
It would be sort of a spin-off of “The Walking Dead” relocated to England. We are valid!
There are already 3 films “Internal Affairs” , the Hong Kong drama with “The Departed” is the remake. So why not imagine a television adaptation of the American version with Scorsese at the helm, who has already worked for HBO on “Boardwalk Empire” and “Vinyl” .
A film with Chris Evans who passed relatively unnoticed when he deserved better. Adaptation of a French comic ( “The Transperceneige” ), “Snowpiercer” tells the survival of humanity aboard a huge train, while the outside world is frozen. A train that is the scene of large inequalities following classes, which will soon make those squat barge the last car, a sort of ghetto rail . A perfect cocktail for a series. Do you have other proposals in stock?