The first time you saw these series characters, you knew it was going to be the fire

Cinema 23 February, 2017

Emu, you still remember. You see the moment, you see it again, you do not get tired of it. Because you immediately felt the crazy potential of the character.
The first impression counts enormously. Good and bad. It sets the tone and it’s hard to change it afterwards. It is the same in life, for you and me, as for the imaginary characters of TV series. In a few seconds, we feel something and we catch it or not. With these characters, you have necessarily said that the sequel would be crazy . What beginnings!
Michonne in “The Walking Dead”
Comic fans could not wait for his arrival. Arrived at the end of season 2, finally, here it is … Under a hood, with a saber stained with blood and two penguin zombies kept on a leash as vulgar slaves. A plan of pork. And then, you wanted direct attack season 3. See again Michonne.
Tywin Lannister in “Game of Thrones”
We do not see much, but every time, it produces something. And from the very first scene where we see it, we understand. While Jaime was thought to be at the top in terms of power, charisma, he seems quite timid when he introduces his father . To deal with removing the skin of a deer, speaking calmly of war and responsibilities. Without even looking at his son, he lectures him and makes him tremble.
Frank Underwood in “House of cards”
The neighbors’ dog gets hit and suffers on the sidewalk. He approaches it, warns people, you feel he is all nice, touched. Then Frank finishes the dog. You think he just wanted to shorten his suffering, then you see his impassive face and you hear him explain that he has “no patience for useless things . ” So, you just realized that the guy was merciless, not a bar.
Will McAvoy in “The Newsroom”
A flagship broadcaster of a show, he leads a debate in which he seems outdated. He seems to have given up. People are incensed, remain calm. Even absent. One understands that it adapted to the environment, that maneuver tranquillou. He no longer takes risks, no longer pushes people to their last limits, no longer seeks confrontation. But this is not all: he knows how to make himself loved . After a question, Will McAvoy launches into a long tirade showing up and down across why the United States is the largest country that exists. And it dries everyone.
Dexter Morgan in “Dexter”
It is discovered in full spinning, following a Mike Donovan, pastor of his state. A man loved and respected. Then we see Dexter, this time in the back seat of the pastor, and he tightens his throat with a thread. Ah yeah, okay, pretty cash like intro. And it’s not over: Dexter takes the pastor where a grave awaits him . Already filled with the children he killed and raped. And boom, Dexter stumbles. We begin to understand the killer, our positioning rocking, we begin to cogitate. Which of these characters did you most notice the first time you saw him?