The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow: An iconic character becomes recurring in the Arrowverse

Cinema 12 January, 2017

While we are looking forward to the return of the DC Comics series on the CW, Andrew Kreisberg recently made a big revelation about an iconic character!

An incredible surprise! And yes meltynautes, while The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow will not return before the next January 24 and 25 on the CW , many surprises await us. Enjoy the most unconditional fans of the Arrowverse. While the editorial ‘of melty announced that we had a response on the definitive return SPOILER in season 5 of Arrow, know that Andrew Kreisberg, The Flash showrunner, has the opportunity while the Television Critics Association’s press tour for We offer a very crisp spoiler. Thus, Black Flash will soon make a comeback but it’s not all because “you should see it in several series.” This is a statement that we had not seen coming. Indeed, since the defeat of Zoom and its transformation into Black Flash in the Season Final of the second season of The Flash, we had never heard of this figure absolutely emblematic comics.
This is now done and it should also be very true to the comics: “It will be the classic figure of comics in appearance mower It will just appear in several series that is an iconic character and we.. Storylines in each of the DC series that will be perfect to explain his return. “There is something so frightening about him, even more terrifying than when he was simply a man. How can you stop the devil? “” That will be a very interesting challenge for our heroes. ” One thing is certain, we look forward to see if Teddy Sears will be available to slip into costume Black Flash . Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered who would soon turn against Barry in season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of this announcement?