The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl: Discover the secrets of the crossover!

Cinema 2 December, 2016

While the crossover event which brought together Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl just ended on the CW, fill small crispy information about this very special episode!

the-flash-saison-3-arrow-saison-5-legendsFull of crunchy revelations! And yes meltynautes, if we are very sad since the crossover event ended with the CW , trying to recover by discovering together all the little secrets of this episode as crazy as spectacular. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our critique of the fourth and final part of the crossover which gathered Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl , Marc Guggenheim took time to unveil some details still unknown during’ an interview with the website TVInsider. First, know that when Ray admits that Kara looks like his cousin, he was a hint that Brandon Routh has lent his face to Superman in the eponymous film : “Last year we had a joke about Prison Break in Legends of Tomorrow. I told myself that if one was not doing one with Wentworth in the series, we did not do our job. If we had Brandon and Melissa who shared a stage and we did not do a joke on that, we would not have been gifted. the truth is that this joke was to appear in Arrow and I had to move in Legends of Tomorrow. ”
For his part, Andrew Kreiberg told he would have liked to add a scene in the crossover before launching the idea of a couple formed by Alex and Sara : “Initially, there were to be a small exchange between Sara and Kara . I think we did not even filmed. Sara asked Kara if she wanted a drink with her when this was over and Supergirl replied that Sara would be delighted to meet her sister. so we had the idea to launch a ship Sara / Alex . ” And we would have been just thrilled! Finally, Guggenheim Marc tease a scene that could have occurred in the 100th episode of Arrow if Colton Haynes was available: “There were scenes with Colton Haynes (Roy) and Colin Donnell (Tommy) in the hundredth episode but we have not been able to stage because both players were not available. for example, we anticipated that Roy would be the boyfriend of Thea in the alternative reality and they would have encountered while had stolen his bag. I thought it was very funny to see! ” One thing is certain, we loved this crossover! Pending more information, discover all the promotional photos of the crossover event on melty. What do you think of a couple formed by Alex and Sara?