The Flash, Arrow, Prison Break, The 100, Riverdale: The day I … debriefed all the Seasons Finals!

Cinema 4 June, 2017

You, too, have had trouble saying goodbye to your favorite series for the summer hiatus? This is good because I too! What if we debriefed together?
Hello everyone! This Sunday, June 4, my chronicle is celebrating its first year and I am so happy to have shared my passion for the series with you. Thank you for following me and giving me your opinions in the comments, it is also that which overwhelms me with joy . On the occasion of this anniversary, I wanted to concoct a special edition in which I return to most Seasons Finales recently broadcast in the United States. This is an opportunity for me to be a little more precise and to reveal my impressions at the dawn of a summer hiatus that will prove extremely long for all the fans who respect each other. Keep telling me what you think and what you expect for the 2017-2018 season! And above all, watch out for spoilers
The Walking Dead 7×16
Released on April 2, the Season Finale of The Walking Dead gave us a glimpse of the long-awaited war between Rick’s group and the Negan Saviors. A liberation for those who, like me, began to stamp out severe impatience . It must be said that the writers have done their utmost to stretch the plots to their maximum in order to allow season 8 to start on a big boom. If I have loved some episodes and Rick’s evolution that goes through all the moods during the season, I have to admit that this was missing a lot of action. Fortunately, the Season Finale had something to satisfy us. Between the arrival of Shiba, the betrayal of Jadis, the audacity of Sasha and the real involvement of Eugene among the Saviors, We were able to finally appreciate the talent of the screenwriters at their true value. However, the action came a little late in the episode and I hope that season 8 will bring back this intense rhythm so emblematic of the show. That’s their strength and it would be a shame to do without it.
Legends of Tomorrow 2×17
I’m an unconditional fan of Legends of Tomorrow. I like his crazy side completely assumed and his ability to surf the line without taking the lead. When Barry or Oliver constantly weighs the world on their shoulders, the heroes of Legends of Tomorrow live fun adventures and leave the darkness to the other justicians. In “Aruba” , everyone woke up at the right time to prevent the Legion of Doom from creating an irrevocable reality. And it is the character of Sara that was widely put forth in this episode . From the start, she seemed to have all the strengths to become the leader of the Team and I think it was the first time she realized this by resisting the influence of the stick of destiny Person before it. If the Season Finale had nothing explosive, it would focus more on the emotions of a Sara sometimes too robotic and we like it! Especially as “Aruba” ended with an incredible cliffhanger as barred as the intrigues and we can not wait to see how our heroes will get out of this joyful brothel. In short, I had a great time!
Riverdale 1×13
As I told you recently, it did not take me long to be seduced by Riverdale. If some soon faded when discovering that the series fell in the clichés of the genre of the teen show, I remain totally captivated by the complexity of the characters even if some intrigues seemed very predictable. If the hero of the show is endearing, I think it deserves a little more exploration in order not to limit itself to the base Don Juan torn between music and sport. But this end of season was very successful that it is by aesthetics (always at the top) that by the cliffhanger who promises to offer Archie all the depth that it deserves. Riverdale is my favorite of this mid-season because it brings to life the teen-show and it tries to surpass the main criticisms that one can make to this genre television. It does not always succeed but I like this more authentic, less caricatural side of the intrigues . This series really has a potential and I’m looking forward to see if season 2 will prove that it still has a foot in it.
Once Upon A Time 6×21-6×22
If you follow me regularly, you know that I am extremely frustrated by the evolution of the show. I continue to think that OUAT has a potential of genius in the hands and that it is wasting it by trying to reproduce the same pattern. And unfortunately, this Season Finale did not do me wrong. I understand the point of view of some of you who told me that you had liked the fact that everyone could get his happy ending at the dawn of the departure of the majority of actors. And in this, it is true that the writers wanted to honor their fans . However, I would have liked them to make their imagination work more to propose an episode unpredictable and very different from what we had seen so far in order to close the story of the first generation of characters with the panache and the force that She deserved. I find it very unfortunate to repeat the same intrigues and the same scriptural springs instead of trying new things and being bold. I cross my fingers so that season 7 raises the bar!
Supergirl 2×22
Supergirl surprised me deeply this year. If I had difficulty hooking in the first season, this second chapter was magnificent both by its strong and powerful messages and by its ability to take us into the lives of its characters to which we have tremendously attached. With two extraordinary secondary characters, Maggie and Mon-El, Supergirl knew how to concoct a brilliant part. And I was shocked by the Season Finale which proved once and for all that Supergirl was probably the strongest of the CW’s superheroes. When Barry would have been able to condemn the world to its ruin to save Iris, Kara sacrificed everything she possessed to allow the Earth to live in peace. She showed an overwhelming courage and the return of Cat Grant enchanted us . It must be said that this series honors women in every way possible and reminds us with accuracy and realism that gender equality and tolerance are indispensable but also magnificent values. I personally had a big blow for the plot of Alex this season and I cross my fingers so that it continues in this direction next season.
The Flash 3×23
I promise that I will try to be objective but as you know, I have such affection for the characters of The Flash that I tend to forgive them all. Even though this season has had the unfortunate tendency to be predictable, I must confess that I liked the general theme that emerged from this new chapter. Barry became the villain of his own story which, in deciding to save his mother and create the Flashpoint, acted in his own interest without really worrying about the consequences of his actions. The whole season centered on the awareness of our hero and the final scene saw Barry finally take the measure of his mistakes and decide to remedy them. As usual and unfortunately, the show stretched to the maximum its main plot giving us at the same time a slowed pace. Let’s hope that next season will be more effective on this side. #TeamFlash <3 Arrow 5×23
If I still like to follow Green Arrow’s adventures, I was not excited by this fifth chapter, which is all too often punctuated with episodes of fills for my taste. Maybe I am still mourning the second season but I dream of regaining the rhythm and genius of this strand that had been marked by the arrival of Deathstroke. And maybe that’s why I found the Season Finale very interesting . Already because Prometheus is a very intelligent villain perhaps the most brilliant of all seasons. Seeing Oliver so helpless in front of him added a little something quite sympathetic to this Season Finale where it was a violent cliffhanger who concluded the fifth season. I loved this surprising ending and especially the reunion of William and his father. Little favorite for the release that was offered to Malcolm who ends his existence as a true hero. Hopefully the new chapter will inspire the writers to follow.
The 100 4×13
We agree, The 100 has lost its splendor and since it took a much more fantastic turn, the plots are perhaps less exciting but I do not know why, I continue to be captivated. I have become so attached to the characters over the years and to this dark universe and at the same time full of hope that I remain faithful viewer. Without being as excited as the second season of the show (just brilliant), I find that the world is getting richer and that the leap in time should offer us a whole new perspective. Our heroes are divided into three groups which leaves us a real suspense for the next section and that I love. Moreover, I like the evolution of Octavia who has taken a crazy span since the beginning of the show .
Lucifer 2×18
Lucifer is clearly different from the other series I talk about today but no less interesting. If I imagined a Season Final rather quiet, I was very wrong because our hero had to say goodbye to his mother in a very moving scene. Lucifer’s strength lies in his main character, in his strengths and weaknesses. This season, he has managed to accept his emotions and his relationship with Linda is one of the most beautiful proofs . And I loved seeing Amenadiel, Maze and Lucifer running to his rescue and discovering the awareness of Lucifer who is now determined to reveal his true nature to Chloe and perhaps to agree to embark on a love story with she ? In any case, the cliffhanger makes me impatient to plunge me into the sequel.
Prison Break 5×09
After several years of absence, Prison Break offered a resounding return on the FOX . Although the genius of the past has largely run out of steam, I have to admit that I was overwhelmed by this return, both well orchestrated and clearly aimed at the fans of the first hour. In addition to nostalgia, the Revival was able to offer us a real coherence regarding the death of Michael and a villain at the height of the event. I enjoyed seeing my favorite characters and enjoying their evolution, notably that of T-Bag, which won my heart in a Season Finale where it suffered the biggest loss. The bases are set for a sixth season and if it did not happen, “Behind The Eyes” will have offered a fitting end to Michael Scofield.
That’s all for me meltynauts! I take this opportunity to wish a wonderful birthday to my little sister of heart who stands by my side in the best as in the worst moments. Thank you my dear <3 I'll meet you again on June 18th for a brand new chronicle and in the meantime take care of yourself <3 And what did you think of the Seasons Finals?