The Flash Season 3: 3 Earth-2 look-alikes we dream of meeting!

Cinema 29 December, 2016

While the season 3 of The Flash will not return until January 24, we hope that the Team will soon return to Earth-2!
A new trip to Earth-2? And yes the meltynauts, if there’s a double episode that we loved, it’s the one that drove Harry, Cisco and Barry to Earth-2. A fantastic adventure during which we met the look-alikes of Cisco, Caitlin, Ronnie, Barry, Iris and Joe. However, this Earth has enormous potential as it could be rich in new encounters. Indeed, there are still many characters whom we dream of meeting the doubles. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover a theory that Savitar is none other than the future version of Barry Allen in Season 3 of The Flash , here are 3 doubles of Earth-2 that would be very interesting for the intrigue show flagship CW . First of all, we loved learning to discover Eobard Thawne’s look-alike. Is he on the side of the Gentiles on Earth-2? Does it really exist if The Flash does not exist? Could we meet him when he comes from the future? So many questions that haunt us since we learned that Earth-2 would be explored in The Flash . Maybe we’ll get to know the end of the story because Matt Letscher is currently regular in Legends of Tomorrow and it’s not impossible that our heroes find themselves faced with a temporal breach that will take them to Earth-2.
But we would also like to know more about the Wally West of this parallel world. Ours was so determined to become a speedster that we’d love to see if this is the case on Earth-2 . Moreover, it would be interesting to know if Wally lived with her family all her life in this alternative reality. One can also imagine that the young man has passed on the side of evil or that he is very shy at the opposite of his side burnt head in the series. But we would also like to meet Powergirl, Supergirl look-alike. As brilliant as our Supergirl, we are very intrigued to see her evolving on another Earth. Is she also devoted to the cause of the innocent? One thing is certain, it does not seem like we’ll be back to Earth-2 soon. But let’s bet it will happen again sometime. Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Barry and Iris had slept together in season 3 of The Flash. Which look-alike Earth-2 do you absolutely want to meet?