The Flash Season 3: A death among our heroes? Pictures of the shooting could confirm it!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

The filming of Season 3 of The Flash continues and seems to implement the death of one of our heroes, as many photos could confirm it!
Barry Allen again in mourning? Recently, we wondered if Joe West would not die during the crossover of season 3 of the Flash with Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow , which will be broadcast in three parts on 28 November on the network The CW . In the following, the West family will obviously greater danger than ever! Indeed, we know for some time that Savitar would be present during the entire salvo of episodes, but what we did not imagine forcing, is that it could be the cause of death one of the most important characters in the series. Currently, filming is ongoing in Vancouver and a scene taking place in Victory Square has been photographed by a fan. On the shots, we can see The Flash, aka Barry Allen, the imposing Savitar and Iris West. But when the big bad of season 3 disappears, the drama seems to have done!
Indeed, we see that Iris suddenly falls and is caught by his companion, but appears lifeless, perhaps dead! The question is now to find out what made him Savitar , if it is just unconscious or dead, and if in this case, Barry Allen he will take the risk of going back in time again to save it? The death of Iris is certainly one of the most unexpected twists to the series and could offer new fascinating intrigues, but we hope it will remain still among the living. Note that the death of Iris could be the reason why Wally could become villain in Season 3 of The Flash! Do you think that Iris is dead?