The Flash Season 3: After Killer Frost, Can Caitlin Become a Super Hero?

Cinema 26 May, 2017

Caitlin is no longer Killer Frost but refused to take Julian’s remedy in season 3 of The Flash. Can she now become a super-heroine?
While Savitar had already announced that it would be the next big bad of season 4 of The Flash , the Season Finale of season 3 of the series nevertheless kept up the suspense about the future Of Caitlin. The young woman has abandoned the identity of Killer Frost however, she has changed and is no longer seen as Caitlin Snow. But what about the next episodes? Can she also become a super-heroine or will she turn to the dark side? In the comics, the heroine Ice had powers similar to those of Caitlin. If it was part of another Earth like Supergirl, there is probably its doppelganger on Earth 1.
Before understanding who she really is, Caitlin will obviously need time in season 4 of The Flash . Now that the young woman has tasted her powers, it is hard to imagine that she abandons them. However, she can keep her gift but using it to do good and join the Team Flash again . But for now, Caitlin needs to manage the repercussions that had its association with Savitar including the death of HR Apart from Jesse which appears from time to time, Team The Flash is lacking cruelly of female super-heroines. Danielle Panabaker proved she was talented and we hope she will not come back as the sweet Caitlin Snow, relegated to the background. To make the character the doppelganger d ‘ Ice would be much more interesting than seeing the scientist stripped of its powers. While waiting to learn more, also discover the 3 key moments of the Season Finale of season 3 of The Flash. And you, what do you expect from Caitlin in season 4 of The Flash?