The Flash Season 3: An emblematic villain soon back!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

While the season 3 of The Flash will not be back until January 24, an emblematic villain will make its big comeback in 2017!
He is back ! And yes the meltynauts, after almost a year of absence, Gorilla Grodd will be back in the CW’s flagship series. Great news for fans of the telepathic monkey as scary as it is powerful. While the editorial ‘of melty stood you list three lookalikes of Earth-2 we dream of meeting in Season 3 of The Flash is actor David Sobolov who confirmed the information on his Twitter account. Voice of the monkey since the very first seasons, Sobolov, however, remained very mysterious about the details of Grodd’s return and confirms that the production keeps the reasons for its comebacks secret. Fortunately, the site ComicBook got us some spoilers. According to their investigation, it would seem that the return of Grodd is the subject of a double episode during which our team will have to face again the telepathic monkey of Reverse Flash.
However, it was hard to imagine Grodd coming back to Earth-1 since he had been teleported to Gorilla City at the end of season 2. In all likelihood, Team Flash would have to afford a new trip to Earth-2 . The opportunity may be to see Harry and Jesse Quick that we have not seen since a few episodes. One thing is certain, no doubt Grodd should again give a hard time to our favorite heroes . This is to distract them from their epic battle against Savitar and their plan to save the beautiful Iris. Pending further information, browse our top 8 characters who really deserve to encounter true love on melty. What do you think of Grodd’s return?