The Flash Season 3: Barry soon betrayed, who will turn against him?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While the season 3 of The Flash will not return until January 24, the prophecy of Savitar had enough to make us shudder. But then, who will betray Barry?
Who will turn against our hero? And yes meltynautes, the mid-season finale of the flagship series CW has left several cliffhangers difficult to digest. Apart from the fact that the beautiful Iris is doomed to die, let us not forget that Savitar predicted that one of Barry’s relatives would betray him in the near future. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the list of 3 doubles of Earth-2 we dream of meeting in Season 3 of The Flash , who betray our hero? And it must be said that Barry has made many mistakes in recent times starting with his decision to go back in time. In doing so, he created the Flashpoint and so Dante was killed, Caitlin inherited the powers of Killer Frost, Julian landed in town, and Iris and Joe moved away. Even today, Team members can not help but keep some grudge against him. Starting from this principle, everyone is therefore a potential suspect. However, lately, the producers and writers have greatly emphasized the conflicts that remained between Cisco and Barry . The first being unable to resist being angry with our hero for the death of his brother and all that has ensued.
And if these tensions seemed to us to linger to the point of beginning to irritate us so much we love the friendship that binds the two characters, perhaps it was simply the beginning of a horrible inimity between them? Indeed, Cisco very nearly left Savitar at liberty in order to continue to see his brother despite the threat that Wally and Barry would run. Moreover, we know that Cisco has a serious potential for darkness and the writers might want to explore its Reverb side in the second half of the season . Even so, let’s not forget that Killer Frost is really angry at Barry and that if Caitlin lets her take control, she’s capable of everything. Nothing could then prevent him from trapping Barry in order to get his revenge. However, everything is possible in The Flash and it would also be credible that another totally unexpected character turns against Barry. We will have to wait until the 24th of January to be clear. Pending more information, watch with me the day … The Flashpoint revolutionized melty on The Flash. Who is going to turn against Barry according to you?