The Flash Season 3: Caitlin became Killer Frost, the clues that should have jumped out of our eyes!

Cinema 24 June, 2017

While Caitlin Snow became Killer Frost in season 3 of The Flash, back on all the clues that could have led us to this conclusion!
A curse that we should have seen coming! Yes, the meltynauts, if all fans of the comics already knew that Caitlin Snow was destined to become Killer Frost, the others would have had a hard time imagining that the nice scientist could be tempted by evil. And yet, many clues could have guided us along this path . While the editor of melty proposed to you to discover our top 3 of the best episodes of season 3 of The Flash , let us take stock of all the details that should have jumped out of our eyes!
The death of Ronnie
If our pretty heroine has always been adorable, she has also suffered greatly and first with the double death of Ronnie. Indeed, at the beginning of the show, we learned that the young man had succumbed during the explosion of the particle accelerator . Terribly sad, Caitlin was trying to regain a taste for life and she had succeeded until Ronnie reappeared, married her and ended up dying a second time. What to weaken it!
The Betrayal of Jay Garrick aka Hunter Zolomon
Defeated, Caitlin decided to take on her and return to Team Flash. But very quickly, she was seduced by the beautiful Jay Garrick. The two will start a nice story until we discover that he hid his game well and that it was Zoom . A terrible betrayal followed by a kidnapping offered Caitlin new painful trials. How not to be even more lost after that?
His confrontation with Killer Frost
While Zoom kept her a prisoner of Earth-2, Caitlin met Killer Frost of Earth-2. A delicate confrontation that touched in the heart the pretty brunette. It must be said that his double evil knew how to tap where it hurt to burst all his weaknesses. After this meeting, Caitlin was afraid to end up looking like him one day and we understand why!
The Flashpoint
Already his life was terribly complicated, Barry had to go back in time and upset the course of his life by giving him powers that she absolutely did not want on the CW . Terrified by this possibility, she kept this secret for her for a while then letting herself slide towards her shadowy side .
Caitlin’s mother
This season we also met with Caitlin’s mother. And it was incarnate coldness! With such a difficult relationship with her mother, no doubt she was lost, alone and fragile. Enough in any case to be bogged down by Savitar. One thing is certain, we hope that the young woman will be happier next year . While waiting for more info, do not forget to vote every day for your favorite show to win the 2017 World Cup on melty . Which clue was the most striking in your opinion?