The Flash Season 3: Cisco, Caitlin, Joe, Wells, … What if someone else was destined to die?

Cinema 6 February, 2017

While the season 3 release of The Flash continues on the CW, and if anyone other than Iris was destined to die in the next episodes?
Another victim? And yes the meltynauts, our whole team is now focused on one and only thing: to save Iris from Savitar. Ever since Barry took a turn in the future and discovered that the woman of his life was going to be killed by the Big Bad of the new season, we were all persuaded that Savitar’s prophecy was applied to her. Yet the most spectacular twist would see Barry struggling with all his might to save Iris even though another of his loved ones would be the most threatened. For every action has its consequence especially regarding the Timeline . By preventing the death of Iris, Barry might well precipitate that of someone else. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover all there was to know about the rest of the season 3 of The Flash , who could die instead of Iris? If Caitlin had complicated moments especially because of the terrible Killer Frost sleeping in her, we had a hard time believing that the young woman could die. Present since the very first season, the lady is a formidable friend and her talent is an absolute asset for the Team. Especially as the opportunity to return Killer Frost is an incredible challenge to provide good storyline viewers . In our eyes, Caitlin could be more the one who “betrays” Barry than the one who will die during the season. But then, will Cisco be next on the list?
We doubt it so much the young man grew up over the episodes. Become a real superhero and ready to seduce the beautiful Gypsy, Cisco has been widely developed by writers. With such potential, he still has a lot to offer us. However, one never knows since his death would be a real shock to the fans. What to mark the spirits! Nevertheless, the death of HR Wells would be much more credible. After all, the novelist was present during the death of Iris. Is it possible that his presence may mean that he is likely to suffer the same fate? Worse, let’s not forget that he wants to prove his usefulness to the Team. Could he sacrifice himself in order to save the life of the young woman? But it must be admitted that Julian Albert is even more in a bad position. Indeed, even if his character has become very important in the Team, let us forget that his alter ego is none other than Doctor Alchemy. He could therefore sacrifice himself in order to kill the evil in him. Especially as Tom Felton is credited as a guest star in the show for the CW which would mean that it will disappear at the end of the third season.
But what about Joe West? Present since the beginning of the show, Joe is a moral compass for Barry. Always good advice and ready to do anything to protect his children, his death would be absolutely atrocious. But do not forget that the parental figures do not last long in the Arrowverse . Thus, as of the second season, the parents of Oliver Queen are dead leaving a certain uneasiness for the character of Joe. Still not aware of the curse that hangs over his daughter’s shoulders, he might go mad when he learns the news … To the point of sacrificing himself and dying in his place? He is capable of it! One thing is certain, no matter what the identity of the person we lose during the season, it will break our hearts as we are attached to each of the characters. Pending further information, see our review of episode 11 of season 2 of The Flash on melty. Who is going to die according to you?