The Flash Season 3: Discover 3 reasons that prove that Kid Flash (Wally) will turn into Savitar!

Cinema 13 November, 2016

While The Flash 3 season continues in full swing on the CW, Wally would recover his powers very soon. And if it turned into Savitar in future episodes? Speculation!
Wally he will soon be the enemy of The Flash? And yes meltynautes, we know, in The Flash, it is often the closest character of our hero who eventually betray him. And this season, Wally seems to have every reason to blame him. Indeed, the young man wants only one thing, helping others with fantastic powers. If this dream seems downright inaccessible to him in the original timeline, Wally became Kid Flash thanks to the flashpoint . However, Barry decided to keep this information secret to prevent so to realize his dearest wish. Alchemy but it does make its powers to submit to his power? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of The Flash Season 3 casting about Kid Flash , back on the reasons which prove that Wally could actually turn very soon Savitar. To recall, the second villain of this chapter was a pilot of the Cold War. He was struck by lightning and then obtained the power to move as fast as light. It is clearly vain and that is why he chose the name “Savitar” which means “the god of the movement” . In the comics, he became the enemy of Kid Flash and represented the “Reverse Flash” Barry Allen. But it would be foolish everything is found shoved in the flagship series for the CW . So Dark Flash called Walter in comics while Kid Flash is called Wallace West.
Recently, HR was called Walter, leaving to assume that the young man could actually play the role of the alternative version of Kid Flash, Flash Dark. Certainly there is a detail but it can clearly be important since Walter decides to give trouble to the hero to relieve his pain of losing someone he loved. That would surprise fans of the first hour! But that’s not the only reason that drives us to associate our Wally West to Savitar. Indeed, the first images of “Shade” seem to indicate that Wally will eventually succumb to the temptation to seek powers to Alchemy . Haunted by visions of his life during the Flashpoint, the young man could make a dangerous deal with the Big Bad this season. And if he had to use Alchemy to get his gifts? Finally, do not forget that Savitar has not been casted. Like Alchemy, no actor has been chosen for the role. If Tobin Bell offers his voice to Alchemy, nothing else has been unveiled which therefore suggests that the two villains are played by cast members already announced. One thing is certain, it is that of but speculation capabilities Savitar and Wally West are eerily similar . Pending more information, see the promotional photos from episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of this theory?