The Flash Season 3: Eddie (Rick Cosnett) back? (SPOILERS)

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The season 3 of The Flash is about to make its return and the next episodes could be marked by that of Eddie (played by Rick Cosnett)

Another unexpected return? While we recently asked if Ronnie, played by Robbie Amell, would be back in season 3 of The Flash , today is that of Eddie seems to have been confirmed! Indeed, the actor Rick Cosnett published on his Twitter account, a photo with a message announcing that he would soon be in the series DC Comics . As a reminder, the character died at the end of the first season and reappeared to a single recovery through a flashback. The question now is who will it embody! The most obvious would be that it resumes its role of Eddie Thawne and this in a flashback. But in the universe of The Flash , there are many possibilities. Indeed, we could very well meet a new version of Eddie, coming from another Earth; Discover it in an alternative version of the Earth we know in the series; See to find it via a journey through time.
Finally, one last theory seems like a lot is that we find Rick Cosnett in the costume of Savitar! After all, his body was trained in a portal during the final season. Be that as it may, to know in what form the actor will return, we must be patient. Note that for the time being, we do not know if it will be present the time of an episode or for an arc of several volumes. Remains that fans should be pleased with this return which has been claimed many times. Lately, we dévoilions you the video promo of the episode 10 of season 3 in which Iris is devastated! What do you think of this return?