The Flash Season 3: Episode 10, all the details of the Winter Premiere

Cinema 6 January, 2017

While the episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash will not be broadcast before January 24 on the CW, the American network has just unveiled the synopsis of “Borrowing Problems From The Future”!
More than a few weeks! And yes the meltynauts, the countdown is definitely launched and our patience will soon be rewarded since we will find our favorite heroes as of January 24. A happy news for those who have only one idea in mind: learn more about the famous Savitar prophecy. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover that just might turn against Barry in season 3 of The Flash , back in detail on the synopsis of “Borrowing Problems From The Future” recently unveiled by the CW . First, know that Barry will be tormented by his last vision of the future in which Iris was murdered by Savitar . And when a new criminal named Plunder arrives in Central City, Barry will remember that the villain in question was present when Iris was killed. Completely disrupted, he will become frightened. What if his arrest definitely put his girlfriend in danger?
Surprised by Barry’s hesitation about Plunder, Wally decided to take the lead with his Kid Flash costume and attacked him directly. But this initiative will deeply annoy Barry who will eventually confess the truth to Iris. And it is already certain that this conversation will be highly emotional. But then, how will the Team manage to save the young woman? Are Vibe’s powers the key to solving this puzzle? One thing is certain, Savitar’s threats are far from over and he should continue to torment our hero for a while. Pending more information, discover our top 8 characters who really deserve to find love on melty. What do you think of all these revelations?