The Flash Season 3: Episode 10, Kid Flash ready to do anything to save Iris on the promo pictures!

Cinema 1 January, 2017

While the episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash will not be released before January 24 on the CW, the American network has just unveiled the promo pictures of “Borrowing Problems From The Future”!
Here we go again ! And yes the meltynautes, in less than a month, we will have the pleasure to rediscover the integrality of our Team Flash for new adventures. While the editorial ‘of melty you announced that iconic villain would make a comeback in season 3 of The Flash , back on the promotional photos from “Borrowing Problems From The Future” recently released by the CW . First, know that everyone will be on the alive when learning that the beautiful Iris is likely to die very soon. Wally, in particular, will be determined to save his sister at any cost. Barry therefore decide to try an unusual experience with support for Cisco to dive into this future so scary for WestAllen torque . Can the power of Vibe propose a durable solution to prevent the murder of Iris? In any case, the scene during which Barry will confess what he knows to his girlfriend should be very moving.
In addition, HR Wells will officially open the STAR Labs Museum. An idea that could have serious consequences on the security of visitors since our Team Flash will have to fight with a new villain named Plunder (Stephen Huszar). Finally, the lovely Caitlin should have difficulty managing the Killer Frost who sleeps in it . Is she about to lose control again? One thing is certain, we are terribly impatient to plunge back into the adventures of our heroes so much they missed us at the end of the year. Pending further information, browse our top 8 characters who deserve to meet the true love of melty. What do you think of these pictures?