The Flash Season 3: Episode 10, tonight Barry is fighting for the future of Iris!

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Tonight, Barry will fight for Iris to escape his tragic fate in Season 3 episode 10 of The Flash but could cause other problems!
Season 3 of The Flash is finally back, tonight, on the channel The CW! When we left Barry, the poor speedster had made a round trip in the future absolutely shocking. Indeed, the superhero had seen his dear girlfriend die before his eyes! Can Iris really die in season 3 of The Flash? One thing is for sure, Savitar does not want to spare the journalist, let alone Barry. Will the latter be able to avoid this tragic fate? Will he save his girlfriend? Tonight, in episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash , the speedster will fight for Iris and try by all means to avoid him this tragic future. However, trying to save his girlfriend at all costs, Barry could endanger the other residents of Central City.
A criminal named Plunder will invite in the small town of Barry Allen . But the speedster will recall that this new rival was in his vision of its future in Season 3 of The Flash . Thus, he will hesitate to confront it to stop it because by catching it, it could seal the future of poor Iris. Fortunately for Central City, Wally will not hesitate to step in as a Kid Flash. But will the new speedster be sized against Plunder? Joe has not finished worrying! As for Caitlyn, she will have a job to propose to Julian. Is this the beginning of a friendship between the young woman and Barry’s colleague? Or maybe even a love story? We’ll meet you tonight to find out! Meanwhile, discover which character could be Savitar back in season 3 of The Flash. So the meltynauts, are you eager to discover episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash?