The Flash Season 3: Episode 11, Barry understands that he will not be able to save Iris, our critic!

Cinema 1 February, 2017

Last night, episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash was broadcast on the CW. What happened ? This is the moment to discover our criticism of “Dead or Alive” and the video promo of episode 12!
Unity is strength ! Last night ‘s episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash was broadcast on the CW and Cisco has embarked on a deadly fight to save his friend. This episode entitled “Dead or Alive” brought a new dynamic to the TV show. The plot was always centered on Iris’s future death but also on the character of Wells and gave us some details about his past on Earth-19. The editor of melty offers you to discover immediately his criticism of this season 11 episode of The Flash, rather well conducted! “Dead or Alive” starts with a duo. Barry and Wally save cheerleaders and Iris’s brother becomes a celebrity. This episode will highlight the relationship of both speeders and this unit is really nice to see and gives the TV show a touch of freshness. Barry is no longer alone, the team of The Flash is complete and works perfectly. If the duo Barry / Wally was put forward, a second has taken an important place in episode 13 of season 3 of The Flash and it is Cisco and HR Wells !
Wells’s past came back to haunt him . A bounty hunter named Gypsy came to Earth-1 to track him down and bring him back to Earth-19 for trial. On its land of origin, interdimensional travel is prohibited and condemned to the death penalty . Obviously, Team Flash is ready to do anything to save his friend and intends to challenge his destiny. However, Julian points to the fact that Wells is present in the future that Barry has seen and implies that if they do not save him, Iris could survive Savitar … Barry had his moment of hesitation. Is he ready to sacrifice Wells to save Iris? Fortunately, his heroic side has taken over and no, the scientist does not deserve this award. For its part, Gypsy has the same powers as Cisco, in addition developed and of course the Barff BFF immediately falls under its spell. Even if she is an enemy of the team, he does not hesitate to flirt with her and this touch of humor has brought lightness to the episode. Cisco is truly a pillar in the team and its powers are growing and they are the ones that will help Wells. The only way to save HR’s life is to face Gypsy in a deadly battle. Understanding this, the scientist prefers to make but it was not counting on the courage and friendship Cisco will engage in this battle in episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash .
We discover another facet of his personality. Cisco is powerful and mastering its powers better and better. Obviously, he refused to kill the bounty hunter but won the victory. Gypsy capitulated and passed a deal with HR Wells. She will believe the council that he died but he will never set foot on Earth-19 . The show also offered us a little detour through the offices of Cat & Co to wink at Supergirl. Barry on his side also had to face reality. It will fail to save the life of Iris, however Wally the will . With training he could be faster than Barry and thus rescue his sister from the clutches of Savitar. The competition between Wally and Barry has given way to another kind of relationship where the two men walk hand in hand and where the two can become complementary. This episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash was particularly successful and put human relations at the heart of the plot while retaining the essence of the series and fighting against enemies. Unity is strength and our heroes have understood it. Will they manage to save Iris?
Next week in “Untouchable”
The promotional video of episode 12 of season 3 of The Flash should shed some light. Barry will turn into a coach and pass on his knowledge to Kids Flash so he can save his sister from Savitar. Unfortunately fate will have decided otherwise and their actions could prove ineffective … This may not be enough because a new meta-human will strike and will poison Iris … Could the young woman die before her time? His condition appears to be critical in “Untouchable” and we fear the worst. Waiting to see this explosive episode, discover which character Glee will join the cast of the crossover between The Flash and Supergirl! And you, what did you think of this episode?