The Flash Season 3: Episode 11, Cisco launches a fight to the death in the synopsis!

Cinema 15 January, 2017

While the season 3 of The Flash will not return before January 24 on the CW, the American network has just unveiled the synopsis of “Dead Or Alive”!
The countdown begins ! And yes the meltynauts, in a few weeks, we will finally have the chance to find our Team Flash for new adventures. A joyful news for those who await his return with great impatience. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the identity of the iconic character that would become a recurring figure in the Arrowverse , back in detail on the synopsis of “Dead or Alive” recently unveiled by the CW . First of all, HR Wells’ past will begin to catch up with him when a bounty hunter named Gypsy lands in Central City. With the same powers as Cisco, its objective is to bring to Earth Wells HR 19 to be tried for his crime . Indeed, it happens that inter-dimensional travel is illegal on this Earth. A shocking news that will seriously upset the Team since it was a real family.
And when HR finds out that his only hope is to challenge Gypsy in a fight to death, he will decide to surrender. But the team will not let their friend and Cisco decide to fight the young woman in his place . One thing is certain, this episode promises to be spectacular and we look forward to discovering the adventures of our favorite heroes. Especially since the terrible prophecy of Savitar should put Barry in all its forms. Will he find a solution to save the woman from her life? Will the series break the hearts of fans by separating the WestAllen couple? We will have to wait to have the heart of it. Pending more information, discover the identity of the big bad crossover that will bring The Flash and Supergirl on melty. What do you think of the synopsis?