The Flash Season 3: Episode 11 Tonight, Cisco launches a fight to death!

Cinema 31 January, 2017

While episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash will be broadcast tonight on the CW, back on the main lines of “Dead or Alive”!
Can Cisco defeat his alter ego? And yes the meltynauts, if our favorite geek is very powerful, we know that his powers can be further improved. And it may well be that an unexpected encounter can help him reach his potential. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our criticism of the episode 10 of season 3 of The Flash in which the Team was desperate to save Iris , back in detail on the outline of “Dead or Alive” aired tonight on the CW . First, be aware that this episode will focus primarily on HR Wells. Indeed, his past will come back to haunt him as a bounty hunter named Gypsy. With the same powers as those of Cisco, the young woman is determined to bring HR-19 Wells on Earth so he could attend his own trial . It happens that interdimensional journeys are absolutely forbidden on his land of origin. He was not allowed to respond to Team Flash’s announcement.
And when he learns that his only hope of getting away would be to challenge Gypsy in a fight to death, HR will decide to surrender. But the team will not have the intention to drop and Cisco make the decision to fight in his place against Gypsy . The opportunity to learn more about his own powers! One thing is certain, we are downright anxious to discover the continuation of the adventures of our favorite heroes. Especially since Barry should always be focused on one goal: to save Iris from the terrible prophecy of Savitar. Can he do that? We will have to wait to have the heart of it. Pending further information, relive the day with me … the Flashpoint revolutionized melty on The Flash . What do you think about the arrival of Gypsy?