The Flash Season 3: Episode 23, death of SPOILER, identity of Savitar … a video reveals ALL on the Season Finale!

Cinema 13 April, 2017

While the shooting of season 3 of The Flash has just finished off the Atlantic, an explosive video has just appeared on the canvas and it is completely crazy!
Attention big spoilers! And yes the meltynauts, if you prefer to keep the suspense on the events that will come to conclude the third chapter of the adventures of the fastest man in the world, move immediately away from this article because it is very very heavy waiting for you. Indeed, little curious people have managed to capture a scene that is simply crucial to the Season Finale of the CW flagship series . While Melty’s editor suggested finding out what was going to happen in the 19th episode of The Flash’s Season 3 , let’s get back to the details of these crazy shootings unveiled by Wotnot. First of all, it is clear that our heroes have come to live a very difficult moment, They are all dressed in black and visibly very sad. First observation, everyone is present including Gypsy, Julian and Jay Garrick …. all except Caitlin . It is therefore easy to deduce that the pretty scientist was certainly targeted by Savitar’s prophecy, but our deductions do not end there.
So another person is present and this is Barry’s mother but it is obviously impossible since she was murdered by the Eobard Thawne who had been held captive by our hero during the Flashpoint. The only possible explanation is that Speedforce is having fun with our nerves. But that is not all, if we pay attention to the images, it is clear that Barry says goodbye to each of the characters . Iris is also divided between laughter and tears and the scene ends on our hero who leaves holding the hand of his mother as if penetrating the Speedforce. That could tell us that Savitar would indeed be the Barry stuck in the Speedforce for years. All this, Is of course only theories but it must be admitted that this Season Finale promises to be downright heartbreaking. While waiting for more info, Melty’s editor wondered if Reverse Flash had really died in The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. What do you mean by this video?