The Flash Season 3: Episode 6 tonight Wally becomes Kid Flash in “Shade!”

Cinema 15 November, 2016

Tonight Wally will remember his life at the Flashpoint and will be on the verge of becoming Kid Flash in Episode 6 of Season 3 of The Flash!
After two weeks of absence, season 3 of The Flash is back! In episode 5, and Julian Wells had revealed their secrets while Caitlin had visited his mother to learn more about his powers. Tonight, in episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash , Caitlin will continue to try to understand his new abilities and to tame them. However, it will not be the only one to experience a change more radical! In Season 3 of The Flash , Wally was desperate not to have developed the same powers as Barry and Jesse as he had also been touched by dark matter. Tonight on “Shade” , the brother of Iris start doing strange dreams that are actually memories of his life at the Flashpoint. Yes, the hero of Central City was indeed Wally in this parallel universe created by Barry. Faced with the confusion of the brother of Iris, Barry will have no choice but to reveal the truth about Wally’s life at the Flashpoint in season 3 of The Flash .
If he will certainly delighted to acquire a speed as surprising as that of Barry, Wally could endanger trying to ensure that his powers manifested . But we mostly afraid that Wally becomes villain in episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash . Dr. Alchemy will soon get involved and enter into the head of Future Kid Flash. Wally becomes almost uncontrollable! “Shade” should we learn a little more about the plans of the big bad of the season. Meanwhile, Joe and the new Wells, dubbed HR, may have a little dispute because of a woman! Appointment they give you, tonight, find out more! Meanwhile, also discover if Dr. Alchemy identity will soon be revealed in season 3 of The Flash. Meltynautes then, do you wait to see episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash?