The Flash Season 3: Episode 7, Cailtin becomes naughty in the incredible synopsis of “Killer Frost”

Cinema 5 November, 2016

the-flash-saison-3-episode-7-episode-6-episodeThe synopsis of episode 7 of Season 3 of The Flash was unveiled and announced very heavy! To discover without delay.

Next Tuesday, the third season of The Flash continues on the US channel The CW . For two weeks now, there is a character whose plot is particularly interesting and rising supply: Caitlin. Although initially it was thought that the Flashpoint had not reached, the truth is quite different. In fact, at his side, it was found that the young woman has powers and that his physical starts to change . The transformation Killer Frost was therefore imminent. You can also know our opinion on the issue with our review of episode 5 of season 3 of The Flash . Today, the synopsis of the seventh episode was unveiled and it reveals what we all looked forward to.

Yes, in the episode entitled “Killer Frost” , Cailtin use his powers to save Barry, but as the mother of that predicted, this new action will trigger the arrival of Killer Frost. She therefore seek leave Dr. Alchemy, destroying everything in its path and kidnapping Julian at the same time . But that’s not all: Killer Frost will fight against Flash and Vibe. Meanwhile, Joe and HR have a conversation open heart. An episode not to miss. In the meantime, find the video promo of episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash. Are you excited to see Cailtin turn?