The Flash Season 3: Episode 9 SPOILER death in the future, our criticism of the Winter Finale

Cinema 7 December, 2016

Last night, episode 9 of season 3 of The Flash was broadcast on the CW. So it’s time to see our review of this Winter Finale entitled “The Present”!

Merry Christmas! Yes, episode 9 of season 3 of The Flash was aired last night and this Winter Finale lived up to Christmas. Our favorite hero celebrated the New Year celebrations in the joy and good humor, almost! This episode was very successful and offered 42 minutes of pure bliss. Whether at the level of special effects, plot or emotion, everything came together to fill us. Returning immediately on all the details of this episode 9 of season 3 of The Flash. First Barry crossed the universe towards Earth-3 for Jay Garrick embark with him on Earth-1. On their return, the two speedsters find Iris who provides size information on Julian . A few years ago, the scientist visited India in search of the Philosopher’s Stone , which he obviously found and opened, freeing Savitar. That’s how he became the servant of God speed and recently Alchemy …
The first fight between Jay and Barry Savitar and was pretty epic and we put eyeful in the Winter Finale of Season 3 of The Flash . The special effects were well done and we can say that Garrick has taken quite a beating. Fortunately, Barry managed to stop Alchemy and put the stone in the box before Savitar kills The Flash of Earth-3. Facing Alchemy helpless, Barry decides to remove his mask and there’s doubts are confirmed, this is Julian. Back at Star Labs, the former colleague of our vigilante is placed in a cell but does not understand what happens to him and pleads his innocence. He plays with Barry? Well no ! When he takes the mask of Alchemy, he has no memory, it is the total blackout and he did not realize who he is. Gradually, Julian begins his acts and to trust The Flash when Barry decided to reveal his identity .. .
Cisco has found a way to communicate with Savitar by using Julian. This is where the Flash team realizes that God knows all the speed on them and that comes from the future. According to him, this is because of Barry that he is trapped and therefore wants revenge. After this little revelation shock, the whole team has agreed that the philosopher’s stone is out of reach of anyone. That’s when Barry Jay and use their speed to move the box but our dear Allen travels accidentally in the future … And this is the first time that this happens. What a tragic future! He powerless to death his beloved Iris by Savitar . Even his speed has not saved. This future will he really come true? She will die Iris in The Flash? On their return in this, Barry keeps this secret from him. The whole team celebrates Christmas in a good mood and the episode ends on a touching and adorable scene . Our hero decided to move in with Iris and surprised him. What a gift! He wants to enjoy every moment with him, but he manage to save and change the future? We hope so! Pending the return of the series, see if you followed the crossover event between The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow! What did you think of the episode?