The Flash Season 3: Episodes 12 and 13, everything you need to know about the sequel!

Cinema 3 February, 2017

While the season 3 of The Flash continues to be in full swing on the CW, discover everything you need to know about the next episodes of the show!
A Flash Kid faster than ever? And yes the meltynauts, the young speedster should become more powerful than ever in the next episodes of the series. While the editorial ‘of melty proposing you to discover our review of episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash , back in detail on the synopsis of the episodes 12 and 13 broadcast soon on the CW . First, know that Barry and the team will do their best to stop Clive Yorkin, a human meta who murders innocents very methodically clicks since the decomposition of their bodies at an amazing pace. And when Joe becomes his target, it is Iris who will find himself touched by the powers of the criminal. Meanwhile, The Flash will bring Kid Flash to a new level. And we can not wait to see it! In “Attack on Gorilla City” , Jesse Quick will be back and will reveal the rest of the team that his father was kidnapped. Barry, Caitlin, Cisco and Julian will decide to go to Earth-2 to save him.
Our favorite team will therefore venture into a forest to find it but will be immediately captured by Grodd’s minions. This they explain that he needs them in order to assist in stopping Solovar, the leader of Gorilla City . And Solovar has only one idea in mind: to invade Earth-1. Meanwhile, Jesse and Kid Flash will have to go down the streets in order to stop a human meta that is capable of controlling gravity. HR and Joe will try everything to give them the best advice. One thing is certain, we are eager to discover the continuation of the adventures of our heroes. Pending more information, see if Iris can really die in Season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of these two synopses?