The Flash Season 3: Finale Winter will completely change the series (SPOILERS)

Cinema 6 December, 2016

If Flashpoint was synonymous with change, the Winter Finale of Season 3 of The Flash could again completely messing up the series!
After defeating Dominators alongside Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl and Team Arrow, Barry will again focus on another major threat, Savitar. In the Winter Finale of Season 3 of The Flash, West Allen couple will be in danger and the entire superhero team. Barry thought the threat was Dr. Alchemy and did not expect to be faced with such a powerful and cruel god Savitar. It is the latter who pulls the strings. Dr. Alchemy which is none other than Julian Albert is a disciple of the big bad of season 3 of The Flash . While Barry team will be assisted by Jay Garrick to stop Dr. Alchemy and Savitar, they begin to realize who is really the one they are about to face. “The team is facing have their first real conversation with Savitar and really start to understand what they are fighting against this season .”, Said the executive producer of the show, Andrew Kreisberg, during an interview with the website Entertainment Weekly .
If this episode looks very intense, expect also to shed a few tears. “Our Christmas episode is still very heartbreaking and emotional,” said Greg Berlanti. “In the same way that Arrow, it sets up the threat of the second half of the year. At the end of it, there will be a new temporality .” Has he said. That stirs our curiosity! Andrew Kreisberg piped up about the Greg Berlanti. He said the Winter Finale of Season 3 of The Flash consist of new questions that heroes have never encountered before. “Much of the first half of the season was about Flashpoint and ramifications of it. The events that will happen in episode 9 will change the direction of the show going forward. They will a better idea of the threat Savitar, and against what they are and how this will all take to fight it. ” , He concluded. Everything could therefore change again! While waiting to learn more, tonight, also discover if the flashpoint could last longer in season 3 of The Flash as Andrew Kreisberg. Meltynautes then, do you wait to see the Winter Finale of Season 3 of The Flash?