The Flash Season 3: How could Barry return from the Speed ​​Force?

Cinema 9 June, 2017

Barry sacrificed himself by joining the Speed ​​Force but should still return in season 4 of The Flash. But by what means?
Recently, we wondered if Barry could become Black Flash, the new protector of time in season 4 of The Flash . The Iris fiancé managed to defeat Savitar but the Speed ​​Force needed a speedster. Thus, the superhero sacrificed by joining her. Will it remain there forever? Can he really escape? The fans of the series are worried about Barry’s future. However, we can not imagine season 4 of The Flash without Grant Gustin, the interpreter of the superhero. Even if it takes time, Barry will probably find a way to return to Central City . Many theories are beginning to emerge on social networks about this return. How can the superhero come back and especially in what state will he return? The editorial of melty presents the 4 most probable hypotheses.
A new Barry?
Will we see the Barry of Earth-1 in season 4 of The Flash ? This would be a tragic end to the character but he seems to have joined the Speed ​​Force in peace. While a new version of Harrison Wells could land in season 4 of the show, a Barry doppelganger could do the same. The problem is that fans might find it hard to see him as the real Barry. So, we could meet the real Wally West . If Henry Allen’s Doppelganger is Jay Garrick, Barry’s doppelganger might be called Wally West. While it was revealed that the latter was a better Flash than Barry , it could be fun for Grant Gustin to play this new version of the superhero.
A jump in time
Bringing Barry back immediately to the Speed ​​Force would not be really relevant. Thus, there could be a leap in time of several months or even years. If the hero would try to return to his previous life, it is quite possible that Iris has someone else in his life, that Wally has become The Flash or that Cisco has a new BFF. This could give a breath of fresh air to the show!
Love will bring him back
It was revealed that the couple West Allen should be less highlighted in season 4 of The Flash . However, their love story has a real importance in the show. Their connection could then bring Barry back to Central City. In the comics, Wally West had disappeared in the Speed ​​Force but had been able to escape thanks to an anchor that was his dear and tender, Linda Park. Iris could do the same with her fiance!
A much more powerful Barry
The Speed ​​Force will not necessarily have any harmful effects on Barry! Like Wally West in comics, he could come back much more powerful and would thus be really the fastest man in the world in season 4 of The Flash ! Thanks to his speed and possibly even new abilities, he could come back from the Speed ​​Force much more easily than imagined. Barry could finally become the optimistic, strong and experienced hero that fans like in comics for decades. And how do you think Barry will come back from the Speed ​​Force in season 4 of The Flash?