The Flash Season 3: HR in sacrifice mode to save Iris? The theory that ignites the web!

Cinema 18 May, 2017

While the season 3 of The Flash will end very soon on the CW, and if HR sacrificed to save Iris? It is the theory that inflames the web!
What if HR had made the ultimate sacrifice? And yes the meltynauts, if you followed the last episode of The Flash, you had to have your heart broken into a thousand pieces since Barry unfortunately did not manage to save Iris. Without hesitation, Savitar pierced the body of the young woman letting her last breath in the arms of our hero. It was a tragic moment and saddened the fans of the Westallen couple. However, this scene also gave ideas to the most imaginative Net surfers who are persuaded that all this is just a lure. While Melty ‘s editorial offered you to discover our criticism of the season’ s episode 22 of The Flash in which Barry was not in front of Savitar , A new theory has ignited the canvas for a few hours. And if HR had substituted for Iris at the end of the last episode? Remember, the novelist was completely beaten by having uncovered the location of the pretty brunette at the Big Bad. It was so bad that he even had a terribly sad conversation with Cisco admitting that he did not find his place in the CW Team .
Moments later, when HR had originally to be part of the final scene as a sniper, he was downright untraceable. What if he used Earth-19 technology to change his appearance and pretend to be Iris in the eyes of Savitar? An ultimate sacrifice that would make him the undisputed hero of this third season. It would be the first time that a Wells would become such an icon of courage. But then, will this theory prove to be correct? Will Barry have the opportunity to save the one he loves? In any case, this Season Finale promises to be full of emotions and twists. Meeting next week ! Pending further information, (Re) discover the Season Finale video of season 3 of The Flash on melty . What do you think of this theory?