The Flash Season 3: Jay Garrick, end of the Flashpoint, different fight, the point on the last spoilers of the Season Finale!

Cinema 23 May, 2017

As season 3 of The Flash ends tonight on the CW, let’s take stock of the latest spoilers concerning the Season Finale!
A mysterious episode! Yes, the meltynauts, even if the suspense is at its height, the information remains very few concerning the Season Finale of The Flash. It must be said that the screenwriters have fun keeping the secret in order to surprise us as best we can. While Melty’s editor suggested you discover our criticism of the season’s third episode of The Flash, in which Barry was not in front of Savitar , let’s get back to the latest rumors about the final chapter of this third chapter. For starters, it is almost certain that we will find Jay Garrick. Stuck in the Speed ​​Force for a few episodes, Barry should keep his promise and deliver it. For the majority of Internet users, it will decide to take its place in order to ” Prevent its destiny from occurring. But this is not the only hypothesis of fans of the CW show . Indeed, for others, it is quite possible that our hero finds a way to end this timeline of Flashpoint . But how ? That would promise some daring twists!
Andrew Kreisberg recently said that the fight would be epic but different from what we imagine: “There will be a final battle between Barry and Savitar but their fight will not be such that the fans wait for it. Because Savitar is a version of Barry, it can not end in the most logical way. ” A statement that might even suggest that our hero will not be able to get rid of it for good . Another hypothesis, HR could have sacrificed to save Iris by modifying its appearance. In short and you will have understood, this Season Finale is extremely mysterious. It is impossible to predict what will happen tonight on the American network. In the meantime, (re) Episode 23 of season 3 of The Flash on melty . Do you think the Flashpoint timeline will be destroyed this evening?