The Flash Season 3: Killer Frost, Kid Flash, Alchemy, HR Wells … The cast confides later on!

Cinema 16 November, 2016

While Season 3 of The Flash in full swing on the CW, the cast took time to confide in an interview with the website Collider. Warning spoilers!

the-flash-saison-1-episode-16-episode-15Killer Frost is coming! And yes meltynautes, while our favorite Caitlin struggle with its new powers, the Team will soon discover that their friend has a real threat to the city. While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the secrets of Candice Patton about the couple formed by Barry and Iris in season 3 of The Flash , back in detail on statements cast in an interview with the website Collider . First, know that Danielle Panabaker Caitlin revealed why put so much time to confess to the rest of the team she has powers : “She will have to find a way to manage these changes I think she does. not understand what is happening and I think that conversation would be very difficult for her because she is a scientist and is always focused on the best way to find answers. she wants to try to understand what happens to him before coming explain everything to the team. ” For his part, Tom Cavanagh was speaking on the new version of Wells: “I do not want to repeat what I did last year I decided to play a very funny man and would be almost one. hustler. But like every year, there is always that element of whether we can trust him or not. ” Furthermore, Carlos Valdes returned on the death of Cisco’s brother: “I think it’s really interesting to create a balance between the expectations that come from comics and root it in a very realistic mourning That was very interesting. and this will continue to be interesting to explore how this loss will define Cisco and its trajectory. this becomes increasingly clear over the episodes that the death of Dante played a role in the evolution of Cisco as a person . ”
Finally, Keiynan Lonsdale took the time to tell us more about the state of mind of Wally: “It is not unwise for nothing is very passionate There is a real desperation in the fact that.. wants to prove his abilities and we begin to understand why it is so unwise. Sometimes it does not give much importance to his own life and that is a lesson he has to learn. We will go deeper and deeper in his dreams and that we will Alchemy handles many different ways and it will be increasingly affected. it will not necessarily unwise but it will begin to touch. ” One thing is certain, we are downright eager to see the further adventures of our favorite hero . Pending further information, discover explosive trailer for the crossover that meet Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and melty on Supergirl. What do you think of these confidences?