The Flash Season 3: Our top 3 episodes of the season!

Cinema 19 June, 2017

While the season 4 of The Flash will not be broadcast until next October, return on the three best episodes of season 3!
We take stock! Yes, the meltynauts, if the third one of the show has sometimes been uneven, the fact remains that several episodes have marked us enormously. While the series will unfortunately not return before the re-entry on the CW , it’s time to go back on the episodes that have transported this year . While Melty was writing to find out who could play DeVoe in Season 4 of The Flash with Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries) or Keegan Allen (Pretty Little Liars) , here are our top 3 episodes of the season !
3 / Cause and Effect (3×21)
This episode marked a small pause in the heavy intrigue between Savitar and The Flash. If it served essentially to delay the confrontation of the two enemies, it had the merit to offer us a good breath of fresh air just before the last two episodes much more serious. It must be said that we laughed on discovering that Cisco had erased Barry’s memory by accident and that the latter now had a blissful air and a lightness that was unfamiliar to him. Under the frivolous surroundings, this episode showed us the path traveled by our hero who seemed to finally accept his suffering and move on. Above all, we realized that even if Barry was happy, he was unfortunately the Barry we knew and loved.
2 / Paradox (3×02)
If the Season premiere had somewhat disappointed the fans, the second episode was very intense. We discovered the new Timeline created by our hero and it was clear that he had put a damn mess in the lives of his relatives. For the first time, Barry appeared as the villain of his own story, who had not hesitated to show selfishness by bringing his mother back without worrying about the consequences this might have had on his friends. And we can say, nothing was like before . Between Caitlin’s powers, the death of Cisco’s brother, Caitlin’s powers, and so on, Barry became aware of his mistakes. But “Paradox” was also an opportunity to learn more about the Doctor Alchemy.
1 / The Once and Future Flash (3×19)
In this episode, Barry decided to take charge and go in the future to learn more about Savitar. There, he found Cisco, Killer Frost and a version of himself completely defeated since the death of Iris. Very moving, “The Once and Future Flash” was mostly marked by an exceptional performance by Grant Gustin who played with himself for most of the episode. Moreover, it is always interesting to explore new eras and this time, Barry managed to give hope to his friends but especially to himself. A very well orchestrated episode! Waiting for more info, check out our record of season 3 of The Flash.