The Flash Season 3: Savitar, discover the crazy theory about its true identity!

Cinema 21 April, 2017

While the sequel to the third season of The Flash will be released next Tuesday on the CW, a crazy theory about the true identity of Savitar is currently igniting the web!
Who is behind Savitar’s armor? And yes, the meltynauts, it is indeed the great mystery of the third chapter of the adventures of the fastest man in the world. Determined to kill Iris, Savitar wants to be more and more mysterious and it seems that his real identity is the only way for the Team to find a weak point. While Melty’s editor suggested discovering the confidences of Andrew Kreisberg, who was a dramatic sequel to The Flash 3 , a new theory has invaded the canvas and it seems completely crazy. Indeed, according to many Internet users, it is Cisco that would hide behind the terrifying appearance of Savitar. A mad hypothesis but based on serious arguments. So, For many, Savitar would not, in reality, have the power of speed but that of teleportation like Cisco. Moreover, given that the Big Bad of this season seems to know everything about the Team, it would seem logical that he is in total immersion in the team .
But Cisco is the only one who has a real grudge against Barry. Let us not forget that the Flashpoint caused many dissension between the two best friends and that the decision of our hero to return in the past in order to save his mother caused the death of Dante. On the other hand, Cisco is very talented and it would certainly have been easy for him to develop a robot capable of expressing, moving and fighting . That would explain why Savitar is so well informed about the personalities that make up Team Flash on the CW . “I know you all, Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, Wally, the fake Wells, I know your fears and I know your weaknesses, I know you better than you know yourselves. Is Cisco the one who betrayed Barry as the wicked declared in his prophecy? One thing is certain, we are eager to find our favorite characters for the last episodes of the season. Waiting for more info, find out everything you need to know about Season 3 of The Flash on melty. What do you think of this theory?