The Flash Season 3: Season Finale, Dead Spoiler!

Cinema 24 May, 2017

The season 3 of The Flash was centered on the future death of a key character in the show. In the Season Final broadcast last night on The CW, did this protagonist lose his life? Verdict!
Last night, The CW broadcast the Season Finale of season 3 of The Flash! This episode was the most anticipated by our superhero fans. Since the flashpoint, the future had been modified and we saw Iris die before Barry’s eyes. The last episodes were devoted to finding a plan to save the life of the young woman. Our heroes were gradually losing hope and we feared the worst especially that killing his main characters becomes a fashion phenomenon in the series. But then, did Team The Flash succeed in thwarting the evil plans of Savitar and preventing the death of Iris? Did we have to bid farewell to Barry’s fiancee? A character died in “Finish Line” , but which one?
The first few seconds of this Season Finale of season 3 of The Flash have taken our breath away. We discovered Joe, collapsed after seeing Iris die. HR arrived shortly afterwards and realized the tragedy. We had difficulty in accepting this outcome but it was not counting on a turnaround of size. HR is back to Iris and we understand that this man from another Earth has exchanged his identity with the young woman to save his life . Iris had his life saved, yet HR died sacrificing himself. The illusion was perfect and none of our heroes knew about his gesture. His character had become indispensable to the show and he had finally found his place in the team The Flash. His sacrifice is beautiful and terribly hard to watch but fortunately, we can always find Tom Cavanagh in the role of Harrison! We can be reassured. Waiting for new information about season 4 of the series, (re) discover the promotional video of this Season Finale of season 3 of The Flash ! What did you think of this episode?