The Flash Season 3: SPOILER and SPOILER back, will Barry trigger a new Flashpoint?

Cinema 6 February, 2017

While the season 3 of The Flash continues to be in full swing on the CW, will Barry trigger a new Flashpoint in order to save Iris?
They are back ! And yes the meltynauts, while Ronnie and Eddie lost their lives at the end of the first season of The Flash, the two men will be back in the second part of this third chapter. This is great news for all the most unconditional fans of the series but raises many questions. While the editorial ‘of melty wondered if anyone else was destined to die in Season 3 of The Flash , is it possible that Barry decides to go back in time again? Indeed, since our hero traveled in time trying to remove Savitar, the discovery of which he witnessed has upset his life. Thus, Iris will die in five months unless the Team manages to prevent the events that led to his death. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that our favorite characters are capable of achieving this. Let us not forget that playing with time remains a complicated undertaking and that the consequences can be many and tragic if something goes wrong. Especially since fate clearly seems to exist in the Arrowverse. Can we really escape destiny?
Not so sure. But then, how would Barry react if, despite all his efforts, he was unable to save the love of his life? His despair would certainly be keen enough for him to decide to reiterate and go back in time to save it triggering at the same time a new Flashpoint. But by upsetting the temporal line again, he could put his existence beyond the top. However, other theories might explain their returns. Indeed, in Legends of Tomorrow, Reverse Flash is determined to get rid of Black Flash . And to achieve this, it is imperative to rewrite reality. What if he decided to erase Eddie’s death? By making such a decision, he would bring his ancestor back to life. Unless we discover another Earth? One thing is certain, we look forward to how these two iconic characters will return to the CW . Meanwhile, discover our review of episode 11 of season 3 of The Flash on melty. Are you looking forward to seeing Ronnie and Eddie again?