The Flash Season 3: SPOILER back, WestAllen couple threatened?

Cinema 21 January, 2017

An old character will soon be returning in season 3 of The Flash and could sow the trouble between the couple West-Allen!
Following the season 3 of The Flash looks tasty! Not only, Zoom could come back as Black Flash but Ronnie, embodied by Robbie Amell, will also be back. In addition, we learned that Season 3 of The Flash would Thawne Eddie, played by Rick Cosnett, reappear in Central City! Yes, the ex-fiancé of Iris who had sacrificed himself to kill his descendant, Eobard Thawne aka Reverse-Flash, returns. Eddie Thawne is one of the leading characters in the series and one of the little darlings of the fans but his return might not be good news for Barry, currently dating Iris . The two lovers come to move in together and seem more in love than ever. But could this change when Iris finds his former fiancé? Can the return of Eddie jeopardize the future of the West Allen couple in Season 3 of The Flash ?
It is not yet known if Eddie will return in the flesh or in the form of flashbacks in Season 3 of The Flash . One thing is certain, Iris risks being disturbed and shaken if she finds her ex-fiancée alive! But can this really change everything for her and her couple with Barry? The young woman seemed to have definitely drawn a line. In addition, although she and Eddie had a couple, she already had strong feelings for the superhero. In the future, when the poor Iris was done by Savitar kill the young woman still looked crazy in love with Barry but do not forget that the future is in constant change and a very small decision can change everything. However, it is believed that even if Iris will be upset and will ask a lot of questions while Barry risks losing confidence, the West-Allen couple will stay together. They’re made for each other, right? Appointment you are given, from Tuesday, January 24 , to find the season 3 of The Flash. Meanwhile, discover the synopsis of episode 11 in which Cisco will launch a fight to death! And you think the couple West-Allen will be threatened by the return of Eddie in season 3 of The Flash?