The Flash Season 3: The flashpoint could it last longer? Andrew Kreisberg answers!

Cinema 3 December, 2016

While Flashpoint is still a lot about him in Season 3 of The Flash, could we stay in this alternative reality any longer? Andrew Kreisberg spoke about it!

the-flash-saison-2-episode-1-spoilers-videoAnd if … ? And yes meltynautes, after the broadcast of the season finale of the second season of the show, we were expecting only one thing: discover the Flashpoint. However, many fans were disappointed by discovering the first episode of season 3 as our hero is left in the alternate reality that the space of a single episode. Nevertheless, Andrew Kreisberg and his team very nearly take a different direction . While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the synopsis and promotional photos from episode 9 of season 3 of The Flash , executive producer of the show took advantage of an interview with the website EW to entrust it topic: “We talked about the possibility of never going back, we also talked to stay there for two episodes or five episodes but the studio and the network also had their say.”
Andrew Kreisberg continues as follows: “They wanted to be sure we were not going to completely revolutionize the series by changing the fundamental The Flash Finally, as writers, it was the best decision to have this. single episode but I think people saw things differently and say that it was “already” done. yet the consequences of what he did not only reflected in the Flash but also in other series and this forever. Diggle has a son while Sara has gone forever . ” One thing is certain, the Flashpoint continue to haunt our hero for a while. Pending more information, discover all the promotional photos of the crossover event on melty . Would you have liked the Flashpoint can last longer?