The Flash Season 3: The identity of Alchemy soon revealed? Greg Berlanti answers!

Cinema 14 November, 2016

While The Flash 3 season continues in full swing on the CW, soon we will have clues to the true identity of Alchemy? Greg Berlanti answers!
Who is behind the mask of Alchemy? And yes meltynautes, the new villain of this new season is mysterious. Big Bad first not to possess powers speedster, his identity remained secret until now. But then, when we learn the whole truth? While the editorial ‘of melty proposed to discover the promotional photos from episode 6 of season 3 of The Flash , back on the confidences of Greg Berlanti in an interview with the website EW . First, know that Savitar will soon part. Indeed, “people will see it before the crossovers as appear in episodes 6 and 7.” But then, who will lend his features to Savitar? Indeed, no actor has been announced and it could imply that it will be a member of the existing cast . One of our hero does turn into nasty? This would not be surprising since Barry ends up getting regularly betray by a relative.
But Greg Berlanti also revealed size information since he tease when we discover the identity of Alchemy: “You learn who is behind the mask of Alchemy in the final mid-season.” That’s what stir our curiosity. But then Julian is really the villain this season? How will our team react to this revelation? How will he Savitar be introduced into the show? We’ll have to wait for answers to our questions. One thing is certain, we look forward to seeing The Flash heroes after two weeks of absence. Pending further information, the editorial ‘of melty wondered if Wally West could turn into Savitar in season 3 of The Flash on melty . Who is behind the mask of Alchemy in your opinion?